paul robertson, the popular pixel animator recently featured on popular kids show & tumblr favorite gravity falls, clearly has a huge woman problem and likes to draw cutesy racist pics of women being raped and murdered. If you have the stomach for a depiction of the murder mutilation and rape of racist caricatures of native women, google his name + “custers revenge” and try and convince yourself that this dude should be getting any kind of work, not to mention working on children’s media.


be critical of Anita Sarkeesian all you want but if the fact that she had to cancel a speech at a college because a student threatened a mass shooting isn’t a huge red flag to you about how very much alive misogyny is then you need to get the fuck out of my face


University threatened with ‘massacre’ if it lets Anita Sarkeesian speak

Two things I want to say about this:

1. This is horrifying. But it contains an interesting little sub-thread: We are scaring them so much that they feel they must now kill us to shut us down, because telling us to shut up and go back to the kitchen isn’t working anymore. Oppressive groups react with violence when they really are in danger of losing their power. Which means - we’re succeeding somewhere.

2. I posted this on facebook and a college professor of mine responded with “If they give in they will continue.” And yes, I think that’s true - and there’s a part of me that wishes Sarkeesian had refused to cancel her symposium. But the important things to note here are these two points: 1. the College was threatened with a MASSACRE, not just Sarkeesian’s life, and 2. When Sarkeesian’s team asked for increased security, the college declined their request.

What do you do, in that instance? It’s clear from Isla Vista that MRAs will actually kill people because “feminists ruined their lives” so it’s not to hard to imagine that such a thing might happen again. Would Sarkeesian have been responsible for the possible deaths if she’d continued with her symposium, given that the college (that hired her) refused to increase security? I don’t think so. Would people have held her accountable? Yes.

I don’t have any good answers here. I think if the threat had been against her life alone, I would have wanted her to give the speech still - and I believe she would have. She’s shown before that she will always act in the face of threats against her life.

But other people’s lives were threatened. So - what do you do? I think in a way she made a responsible decision - NOT BECAUSE SHE IS RESPONSIBLE - but because the educational institution that hired her to talk refused to increase security around her event, and she felt it was not safe to continue. That, I think, was responsible.

But in a way, it was giving in, because now MRAs know that the best way to get us to shut up is not to threaten us, but to threaten the people around us. The innocent bystanders. 

It’s terrorism, honestly, but how do we deal with it?

cypsiman2 said: Legend of Legaia!

1. Songi

2. Noa

3. Gala

4. Cara

5. Vahn

Anonymous said: whats wrong with reblogging "the autistic girl who can paint" thing? im simply curious, sorry


like that text post said, it’s like you’re using her for inspiration porn. see, when allistic people idolize and put an autistic person on a pedestal for doing something ~amazing~ and ~impossible with their “condition”~, it makes it seem like that’s all we can be to allistic people. just reasons to “try and do really well despite ~problems~”.

allistic people are subconsciously separating autistic people into two groups when they do that: the “good” autistics, and the “bad” ones. the “good” ones are the ones they can use as inspiration porn. the “bad” ones are the ones that don’t do anything “worthwhile”; the ones that autism speaks wants to get rid of. and that grouping is not okay. valuing an autistic person based on their “gifts” is extremely ableist and uncalled for. please don’t do it.

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Meg Griffin vs. Tina Belcher: A Feminist’s Take on Beanies and Butts

After seeing several posts asking for a comparison between Meg Griffin and Tina Belcher (mainly to point out how problematic Meg’s portrayal is and how the writers have failed her and managed to be incredibly misogynistic in the process), I was inspired to write this article.


You can never label yourself as “one of the good ones” you gotta be constantly calling yourself out and checking yourself and if you can call out others. We all have internalized shit we gotta combat every second. Just gotta deal with that. Re: racism, misogyny, transmisogny, transphobia, etc. We all have something to work on!